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2018 Pheasant Fest

We will again be attending the annual National Pheasant Fest Sports Show and this year it will be in Sioux Falls, SD. The dates for the show are February 16-18, 2018. We look forward to seeing many of you there!

2017 Season in Review

Our 2017 hunting season was our 26th year in business! After 26 years we finally experienced a season that was likely a record low for birds. This was due to a widespread, severe drought during the spring/summer of 2017 that affected the Dakotas in terms of crops as well as birds. There were no bugs for the newly hatched chicks to feed on in the spring/summer and bugs are where they acquire their primary source of protein and hydration for the first two weeks after hatching. Without those bugs, the majority of the chicks that hatched did not survive. Our customers are our primary concern and we pride ourselves in always striving to provide the best service we can to each person who comes through our doors. Prior to the 2017 season beginning we made several phone calls to each and every group booked with us. We made sure that each person knew what the bird report was like and how the season was anticipated to play out. Due to the extreme conditions of the year and the expectations for the season, we offered each person the option to roll their hunt to the following season or to keep their hunt as was booked and come with their expectations set for a lower than normal bird count. The majority of our groups continued with their reservations for the 2017 season and their hunting reports pleased us greatly. Our hunters reported in each day with comments about enjoying the opportunity to spend the full day hunting and thoroughly having a good time on their hunt. We have had some cold snaps the last few weeks of the season and it looks like we could possibly have more coming, but they have been limited to several days at a time rather than long extended periods. The reports from land owners beginning January 2018 have been promising in regards to seeing good bird numbers as they bunch up in farm yards and tree rows for food and shelter during the cold. We have very little snow cover as of the 9th of January so the birds are still able to scratch and find food sources at this point as well. We will continue to monitor the birds this winter and the hatch as spring comes and as always, we will keep our customers updated. We are anticipating an increase in birds for the 2018 season as long as Mother Nature is good to the birds during the nesting and hatching periods this spring.

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