Cannonball Company was started in 1992 to offer an experience to hunters who were interested in hunting the abundant pheasants of the area.  The concept was developed to offer a hunting package of lodging, food and habitat to hunt.  The hunting package was developed to help flourish the local economy.  The concept was well received by various landowners, business people and those individuals who had lodging to provide. 


In the spring of 1991, a meeting was held with those individuals who were interested in developing the idea of marketing a complete package.  Thanks to hard work, dedication, and financial commitment of many area people the corporate structure, bylaws, policies and marketing plans were developed… thus Cannonball Company evolved as it is known today. 


Through the years the company has grown to become a phenomenal success for our wide array of hunters who come back year after year to experience the best pheasant hunting in the state.  The objective of providing an unique resource and helping the community at the same time has come to fruition.  Cannonball Company has been a dream come true for so many involved with the company and so many experiencing all that the Company has to offer.


Cannonball Company truly exemplifies a statement made by Robert Kennedy “Some people dream dreams and say why, other people dream dreams and say  why not?"  So long as Cannonball Company surrounds itself with people that say “why not” it will continue to flourish. 


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